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New: Email Coaching

If you're an introvert, pinched for time, or working on a tighter budget, email coaching could be a viable choice. After an initial meet, you and your coach will develop a plan to help you reach your goals, track your progress, and change your life. You can email Sol as often as you need to and expect emails back up to five days a week.

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Transform Your Future with Dr. Sol Smith

Life Coach

to Neurodivergents,

Creatives, and Gifteds

Limited Offer:
Cultivating Happiness Online Course just $12.99

This brief class is a kickstarter for anyone who wants to better understand the factors in their lives that contribute to happiness and contentment.

Stop Imagining, Start Doing

  • Stop waiting for your life to begin.  

  • How long are you going to wish-away your present because you're unhappy? 

  • How long are you going to imagine a future without seeing it?  

  • How long are you going to tolerate feeling alienated in a world that wasn't built for you?


The way you've been doing things is how you've found yourself here; you cannot unlock new doors by trying the same keys over and over. The practice round is over, and it's time for you to step-up. The limitations put on you through conditioning and needless competition of the neurotypical world need to be taken off. You have strengths, you can build them. 

Luckily, you don't have to do this alone.


Get the attention and consideration that you deserve with Dr. Sol Smith, an experienced and dedicated life coach, with expertise in neurodivergence, who will take you to the finish line. 


Be rid of self-doubt.

Slay your goals. 

Build success.


Your life is here, and now; it's time to start living it.

Stop Imagining, Start Doing

Why Choose Life Coaching?

 Life coaching is not therapy; we won't spin our wheels endlessly about how you go here. This is about where you are going. It's time to work on building a future that draws us forward. Overcoming obstacles and living a more self-actualized life will give you a better sense of control. Success will take on new meaning.

Neurodivergence and Life Coaching


The difference between talk-therapy and Life Coaching is especially important for Neurodivergent people. Where therapies like CBT are extremely effective at decoding the source of negative thoughts and challenging them, research has shown that it is not as effective for Autistic people and people with ADHD; our authentic traits are often challenging in a world made by Neurotypical people with Neurotypical standards. Life Coaching helps us to look forward, instead of back, and affirm ourselves and our place in the world. 


Whether you choose to work with Sol or not, feel free to take advantage of some of his resources. His doctorate in Education and his two decades of experience as a professor have taught him a lot about the learning process in neurodivergent learners. His podcast is a great way to learn about how you can better control your own learning within the education system. His short videos offer a few quick tips and ways to understand a few common, but difficult concepts that we deal with every day.

And of course, book an appointment and get started!

Unconditionally Affirming

Anyone from the broader sexual minorities, such as LGBTQIA+ are unconditionally affirmed in my practice. The same goes for marginalized races, and of course, neurotypes. Your individuality is not an obstacal, but a quality to be embraced. 

"Amazing experience. I feel like I can understand myself and those around me so much better." 
"I never really understood what ADHD was before. Now I feel in control. I don't procrastinate as much, and when I do, I don't stress about it."
"I'm a college student, and what I've learned from Professor Sol is how to be my own teacher. I can follow my interests to help me get through classes in new ways."
"When I learned I was autistic, I became worried about my future. After working with Sol, my future seems better than ever!"
"I struggled through classes and dropped out of college a few years ago. Sol helped me discover the motivation I needed and he helps me keep focused."
"I felt good going with a Life Coach who has so much experience with Education and Psychology. Sol was the perfect fit for me."

About Sol

Sol Smith, MS, MFA, EDS has been a college professor for 20 years, specializing in Mindset, Happiness, and Self-Liberation courses. As a Life Coach and Neurodivergent Consultant, Sol has helped numerous people realize their own potential as it lies outside of the mold that we've been conditioned to strive for. Sol is dyslexic, autistic, and has ADHD; he has learned how to reach for success in a society that is built by and for neurotypicals.

Our Services

“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman

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